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6 Best eCommerce Platforms for Your Business

If you are interested in developing a business with get foundation an eCommerce system, build an online system by starting to create an eCommerce platform. Until then, learn about some platforms that can be applied to your business. Understand the needs of the system you want to build, then build your online store.

1. Symphony commerce
Symphony commerce is an eCommerce platform with a system known as SaaS (Software as a Service). This platform may be less known, but we believe that SaaS can be a smart solution for your business and it is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Squarespace
Squarespace is the platform of choice that can reduce your expenses in building an eCommerce system. A variety of templates are available, just select and drag and drop. Customize the display so that is easy to adjust the layout of your product. You don’t need to learn PHP or HTML code and scripting to create an online store with Squarespace.

3. Magento
Magento is a flexible platform as it can meet the needs of both small and large businesses. With an open-source license, Magento is inexpensive and supports feature development based on your needs.

4. CommerceHub (cloud-based service)
CommerceHub is a more powerful platform that connects online retailers with suppliers. Using this platform will give many vendors the opportunity to join your eCommerce system.

5. Drupal eCommerce
It is a powerful eCommerce built with a “CMS” or content management system. Drupal modules are very flexible and can be easily integrated and configured. You need coding and scripting knowledge to get maximum benefits.

6. Shopify
Shopify helps you have an online store made easy. The platform is equipped with a powerful all-in-one system. With a large number of (store) registrations (up to 100,000 online stores), Shopify is the most popular platform with good predictions.