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Positive Impacts Of AI

Applications of technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence in computer vision are currently widely encountered in everyday life on many platforms that are commonly used by people to meet their daily needs. AI itself is used in various fields, ranging from e-commerce, finance, telecommunications, retail, health, and many more. According to McKinsey’s Global Survey of AI in 2021 research, the adoption rate of machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) in 2021 reaches 57%. This number is up 45% from 2020 and signifies the increasing adoption of AI and the many benefits that are starting to be felt from this adoption.

In 2022, the use of AI-based chatbot technology will have many positive impacts on many industries. While on the other hand, the chatbot function will also be felt directly by consumers, because it can provide maximum service. AI technology capabilities will continue to grow rapidly. In addition, the increasingly massive adoption rate also shows the positive implications of AI for many industries. One of them is through chatbot technology.

With chatbots, companies can map the functions that can be accommodated by this technology, especially those that are directly related to consumers. The rich changes in consumption from the consumer side also require many industries to provide maximum, fast, and responsive services when dealing directly with their respective consumers. The role of chatbot technology can improve the quality of industrial services in various fields and then provide opportunities for industry players to able to learn the role of automation. This is so that they can increase company profits and provide efficiency in many operational sectors.

Virtual assistants are now widely found in our gadgets. Virtual assistants such as Cortana, Siri, and Google Now are examples of the application of machine learning technology. This virtual assistant can do many things, from finding information, creating schedules, and remembering certain events. The development of car technology that can drive independently (self-driving car) is increasingly advanced. Self-driving cars utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn continuously by studying various road conditions, bends, barriers, and traffic signs.