Getting Infected With Covid 19 and How To Recover Fast

We’ve all heard about connection and togetherness, and how Covid is (hopefully) bringing us closer to these experiences, seeing as we’re all in this together. But then again, are we all really in the same boat? Personally, I’m not sure that this is looking at the conflict with the government’s policy (especially in countries where elections are held during the pandemic), public resistance against restrictions (some of us are ready to sacrifice our activities are “expensive” sacrifices for the greater good. ) and recently – the distribution of vaccines (those who pay more get more). I have the lesson! Most importantly, I am treating an illness that is not caused by Covid but only caused by it

So what are we missing? When and how will we finally learn? And what is this lesson? In fact, Covid gives us a clear picture of what we need to learn from each other. What Covid patients experience and sometimes die from is lack of ventilation. And the air is what connects us all. Using one of the things that Jessica Dibb said, we can create a group entry and group (that is, a good division) based on race, occupation, gender, age, social behavior, appearance, etc. But there is a common element that, when applied, leads us directly to unity – energy. So, regardless of our beliefs, injuries and preferences, we are all part of the same breathing group. And breathing (which, as I have found, is the nature of Spirit), is what connects us all and gives us the physical and somatic experience of unity.

Surprise, surprise – Covid captures our attention and consciousness right on the breath. As such, Covid is asking us to start living a spiritually oriented life: a life where we are united, a life lived in the present. Importantly, by focusing on breathing, Covid is not showing us the lesson we need to learn, which is the lesson of unity; and it shows us how we can learn the wound, and that’s just by staying focused on the breath and doing the breathing. There is no doubt that proper breathing is something that can give us a direct spiritual experience (albeit a physical one).

I learned this myself by being forced (after I contracted Covid) to pay attention to breathing. Not that I haven’t tried yoga and various meditation practices before. But at this time, the spiritual change is very profound! Having some motivation based on the onset of the disease, I put myself into different breathing techniques, and the more I learned about breathing properly, the more my experience of separation melted away. I feel so much warmer, happier and, of course, more connected.

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