Functions and Instances of Merchandise as Gift

Any item that is meant to be a present is considered merchandise. In this instance, gifts consist of items that are intended for sale as well as Crypto Gifts that are given to customers specifically in connection with it, whereas merchandise is given free of charge to individuals who have engaged in or completed activities required by the manufacturer of the product.


There are two main functions of merchandise as a promotional medium, namely:

Easy to use
The use of merchandise is also easy to do. Items such as pens, notepads, and mousepads are some of the items that can be used as promotional tools as well as daily necessities.

Economical cost
Economically, the cost of making merchandise for promotion is relatively cheap, and very affordable for various types of companies, even for small and medium businesses.

Then, the types of merchandise used as promotional items are also very varied.

Merchandise – Promotional T-shirts
T-shirts are a type of clothing that is very popular among the public and are liked by all ages, from children, and teenagers to adults. Apart from being a means of covering the body, t-shirts are part of fashion that reflects a person’s lifestyle. The trick is to display the company logo accompanied by interesting supporting text or images as souvenirs which are usually distributed free of charge or free at certain events.

Merchandise – Promotional Bags
The bag is a medium that has many uses. Aside from being a tool for storing goods, bags can be an effective promotional medium. At corporate events, promotional bags are often used by using various types and varied materials.

Merchandise – Promotional Mugs/Glasses
The difference with ordinary glasses, mugs are more exclusive and have a special feature, namely a handle that makes it easier for people to drink warm or hot drinking water. The materials used for the manufacture of mugs vary, for example, ceramics, stainless steel, and glass.

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