Choosing a Baby Bouncer: Manual or Electric

The baby bouncer has now become one of the tools needed by parents who have just had a baby. The baby bouncer is used as a place to put the baby when they want to play or take a nap. The price of baby bouncers in the market varies quite a bit depending on the brand and the functions offered. For that, this time we will explain how to choose a good baby bouncer from this useful article about best baby bouncer.

In addition to the price and duration of use, the safety and comfort of the baby are also important points that parents must consider in choosing a baby bouncer. Here are things you should pay attention to when choosing a baby bouncer.

Easy to move manual type
As the name implies, this type of baby bouncer needs to be moved manually by the hands of the parents or the baby’s body. You really can’t move it if it’s not within reach. However, you can change the movements while watching your little one and interacting with them. On average, this type of baby bouncer weighs between 2 kg to 5 kg. You can move it easily anywhere. The manual type will make it easier for parents who are busy with homework to stay close to the baby. Frames used in this type are generally made of steel or plastic. There are also those made of wood, although they are rarely found. The seat on a manual baby bouncer made of wood can usually be replaced according to the growth of the baby’s body.

Very practical electric type
Generally, baby bouncers have a flexible framework so they can swing according to the baby’s movements without you needing to move them. Parents no longer need to worry if they have to be busy when their child is fussy. However, because the swing depends on the baby’s body, the bouncer will not swing if the baby is not moving. For that, you can choose a practical electric type. This type can swing itself using electricity with a variety of movements. The latest electric baby bouncers have even adopted a more comfortable movement for babies. Not just a simple vibration, but a movement that almost resembles the state of being hugged by a mother. However, you can’t move it freely because this type requires a power socket.

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